Sneaky Expenses First Time Homebuyers Often Overlook

By Honey | March 5, 2022

First time homebuyers are often seen as frivolous buyers that base their home buying decisions solely on emotions. While this may be true for some, this cliché need not apply to you.  By doing your research and talking with the pros, you’ll be able to prevent overlooking sneaky expenses. And, you’ll be well on your path…

8 Strategies to Help You Purchase a Home With Poor Credit

By Honey | March 4, 2022

While life is generally easier with good credit, it’s possible to purchase a home even if you’re credit is less than stellar. You might have to get a little creative and consider a few unconventional options, but there are options. Poor credit doesn’t have to mean a lifetime of renting. Try these strategies, even if you’re…

The Basics Of Car Insurance

By Honey | March 3, 2022

Car insurance basically covers you, your passengers and your car in case of an accident. Many states require you to carry liability coverage in your insurance policy. Liability insurance covers the expenses incurred for the damages for another vehicle with your own if you are at fault. So basically if you are in an accident and…

Stark Rise In Car Insurance Premiums

By Honey | March 2, 2022

The stark rise in car insurance and business car insurance premiums, which was predicted by Norwich Union at the end of 2006 has not materialized. One of the UK’s biggest car insurers, Norwich Union had stated that in 2007 premiums would have to rise by 16% in order to cover the cost of increased claims.…

Online Car Insurance Businesses: Buying Through The Internet

By Honey | March 1, 2022

Nowadays, insurance have become a necessity in life. Why? Imagine your house being blown to pieces by a hurricane. Grasp in your mind that you were involved in an accident and requires hospitalization or expensive surgery. Think what will happen if your parked car was smashed into bits by a ten-wheeler truck. Who would pay…

Ohio And Cheap Car Insurance

By Honey | February 28, 2022

When you are searching for Ohio cheap car insurance, you may feel discouraged at times. There are a few “tricks of the trade,” so to speak, when it comes to finding and purchasing cheap car insurance in Ohio, and one of them is cutting back on your Ohio car insurance endorsements. Car insurance endorsements include…

Driving An Expensive Car? Make Sure Your Car Has Adequate Insurance

By Honey | February 26, 2022

When buying insurance, most people ask for “full coverage” without knowing what they’re asking for. What’s the problem? There is no such thing as “full coverage”. While understanding your coverage is important for everyone, it is vitally important if you’re driving a Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Viper, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, or Aston Martin. If…

UK Car Insurance – Making A Claim

By Honey | February 25, 2022

If you are unlucky enough to have an accident in the UK, you will need to know some of the basics ins-and-outs of how to make a claim on your UK car insurance. Personal Injury The first thing you should do following a car accident is to check and see if anyone in your car…

Want a Lower Down Payment on Your Home? Learn About PMI

By Honey | February 24, 2022

Banks are all about risk and collateral when it comes to making loans. While it’s possible to get a conventional mortgage with less than a 20% down payment, lenders usually require these borrowers to carry private mortgage insurance (PMI). This protects the bank should you defaulton the loan. PMI can be expensive. Learn the facts about…

How to Choose a Credit Counselor

By Honey | February 23, 2022

Most Americans are only a few paychecks away from a serious financial challenge. We all have rent or mortgage payments. Add in cell phone, credit card, and utility bills that just keep coming every month, and many of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck, or nearly so. If you find yourself falling further and further behind financially,…

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